Our Volunteers provide their support and services free of charge including meeting their own travel and accommodation. They have a wealth of experience in working on medical Projects within developing countries, both medical and non-medical backgrounds. The local community actively support each camp by providing local volunteers.

Help us make a difference, no matter what skills and experience you have or how much time you have to give, we’re always looking for volunteers.

There are lots of benefits to volunteering, such as developing your skills, gaining confidence and supporting a cause you care about. Whatever your reason for joining, you can expect to have lots of fun and meet some great people. By volunteering, you will change the lives of others by giving them the hope to realise their dreams. In doing so, you will inspire others to give of themselves. After such an experience, you will undoubtedly glow, and those around you will bask in your light. Volunteering also enhances your working life

It will also help U

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