Our Agricultural Social Enterprise has been started to empower the local community and to develop a Business Plan for future expansion. More than 40% of the population live below the poverty line surviving on incomes of less than £1 per day.

Crops We Grow

Sustainability is the key to a successful Agricultural Project. We recognise the synergy between the commercial and ethical objective and the result has been to create an ethical culture in everything we do. We strive to achieve our project objectives and have now started a program to use the 25 acres of land surrounding the Hospital in Yonibana.

Our team of 42 local volunteers are actively involved in the Agricultural Project, growing a range of crops in the nursery which have been planted. The land was cleared of all the over grown vegetation surrounding the hospital. The Project is headed by Mr Ibrahim Sankho, who teaches Agriculture. The skills that the volunteers learn will enable them to continue their work in their own fields.

We are currently the second largest rice farm in Yonibana

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